Cinderella's Carriage

Inquire with a reputable company who has much experience. And remember that a horse is not a machine. So consider the length of ride, terrain and season. A horse drawn carriage is not advised during extreme heat or cold.

Ask the following questions to the company:


1. Who will be driving your horse carriage, how long the company has had the horses, and how much experience the horses and drivers have?

2. What is your safety record?

3. Do you provide a footman?

4. When were the last safety inspections on the carriages and the harnesses?

5. Do you have insurance?

6. How will you transport the horses and carriage to the wedding?

7. Do you have substitute/backup horses, drivers, footman and transport vehicles in case a horse or person gets sick or injured or a vehicle breaks down.

8. How many Carriages do you have for me to choose from?

9. How much does a horse drawn carriage cost, and what is included?

10. How long have you been in business?


Main Image: Marsha Perry Photography